Battery Asus GL504 GL704GM GL504GS GM G515GV (C41N1731)

Battery Asus GL504 GL704GM GL504GS GM G515GV (C41N1731)

Capacity: 15.4V 4300mAh / 66.22Wh
Dimensions: 186.78 x 89.50 x 9.24mm
Condition: Brand New, 100%
Type: Li-Polymer
Color: Black

Compatible with Battery Part Numbers

0B200-02940000, C41N1731

Compatible with the following devices

G515GV, G515GW, G715GV, G715GV-EV032, G715GW, G715GW-EV039T, GL504GM, GL504GS, GL504GV, GL504GV-ES012T, GL504GV-ES107T, GL504GW-ES019T, GL764GV, GL764GW, MW704GV, ROG GL504 SCAR II, ROG GL504GM-ES168T, ROG GL504GV-ES016T, ROG GL504GW-ES006, ROG GL504GW-ES043T, ROG GL504GW-ES050T, ROG GL504GW-ES066T, ROG GL504GW-ES079, ROG GL704, ROG SCAR II GL504GV-ES015T, ROG SCAR II GL504GW-ES013T, ROG SCAR II GL504GW-ES043T, ROG SCAR2-G715GV, ROG SCAR2-G715GV-EV023T, ROG Strix GL504 SCAR II, ROG Strix GL504GM, ROG Strix GL504GM Scar II, ROG Strix GL504GM-0071B8750H, ROG Strix GL504GM-0081A8750H, ROG Strix GL504GM-0091B8750H, ROG Strix GL504GM-BN224T, ROG Strix GL504GM-DS74, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES012T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES029T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES040T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES044T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES049T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES052T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES070T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES151T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES152T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES155T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES157T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES158T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES164, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES172T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES177T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES182T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES191T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES192T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES200T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES204T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES258T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES300T, ROG Strix GL504GM-ES373T, ROG Strix GL504GM-WH71, ROG Strix GL504GS-0041A8750H, ROG Strix GL504GS-0081A8750H, ROG Strix GL504GS-DH76, ROG Strix GL504GS-DS74, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES019T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES055T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES056T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES058T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES059T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES062T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES064T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES066T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES081T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES082T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES095T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES100T, ROG Strix GL504GS-ES111T, ROG STRIX GL504GV-ES036T, ROG Strix GL504GW, ROG Strix GL504GW Scar II Edit, ROG STRIX GL504GW-ES011T, ROG Strix Hero II, ROG STRIX HERO II G515GV-ES008, ROG STRIX HERO II G515GV-ES017, ROG STRIX HERO II G515GV-ES030

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