Charger ASUS 19V 2.37A X540S Original

Charger ASUS 19V 2.37A X540S Original

Original ASUS 19V 2.37A 45W AC Adapter Charger For AD883J20 X540S

Input : 100-240V ~50-60HZ 1.3A
Output : 19V-2.37A 45W(compatible 33W)
Connector: 4.0*1.35 mm

Compatible P/N:


Compatible Asus Laptop Models:

Asus D553M
Asus L402S L402WA
Asus T300L Taichi 21 TP300L
Asus S410 S530U S530F S530 S510U
Asus E403S E403SA E203 E406S E406M E406
Asus R540S R416SA R416S R515M R540SA R540NA R420S
Asus R540S R540N R540L R416SA R416S R515M R540SA R540NA R420S
Asus F551M F200CA F551C F554L F555U F556 F556U F556UA F551M F556UA-AS54

Asus Q504U Q302L Q200E Q405U Q553U Q501L Q502L Q326FA Q302LA Q405UA Q504UA Q501LA Q504 Q502LA Q503U Q505UA Q302 Q302U Q501 Q502 Q503 Q553UB Q326F Q525U

Asus X541N X200CA X540L X202E X201 X541NA X553MA X453M X553M X553S X553SA X200M X541U X541 X200MA X201E X453S X553

Asus Chromebook C202SA C300MA C202 C301SA Q303UA C202S C202SA-YS01 C202SA-YS02 C300 C300S C200 C200M

Asus ZenBook UX31A UX305F UX360C UX305 UX330UA UX360CA UX330U UX305C UX305U UX333FA UX330 UX333F UX305LA UX360 UX461U UX305FA UX305L UX310U UX32A UX331 UX331FA UX331U UX333 UX430UA UX303U UX303UB UX303UA UX303L UX430U UX430 UX410U

ASUS Vivobook X403 X403M X510 X510U X510UF X510UN X540U F510UA E203MA X541N X441B X540S Q304U E203M S15 F510U Q304UA S200E X541S U38N X541NA S14 X441S X556U F510 X420U X441BA Q304 Q324U X441N S510UA E203NA F412D Q324UA S410U X540LA X540SA X556UA F512D AR5B125 TP201S

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